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Valley Irrigation
Customized Irrigation Setup Improves Silage Yields for Minnesota Dairy Farmer

To feed 1,200 dairy cows in Eden Valley, Minnesota, Joe Becker grows corn...

Valley Irrigation
In-Field Weather Stations: Accurate Data Makes All the Difference

Every farmer knows they can’t control the weather.

Valley Irrigation
Chinese Connection: Valley Center Pivots Improve Agriculture in Rural China

Until recently, consumption of dairy products in China has been low compared...

Valley Irrigation
Remote Irrigation Management, Copper Theft Protection

Sometimes as the weather gets colder, thieves get bolder. Copper theft is an...

Valley Irrigation
Irrigating Sugarcane with Center Pivots (4 Growers Share their Stories)

“A Matter of Survival”

The Coruripe Group is one of the top sugarcane...

Valley Irrigation
VRI Helps Oregon Grower Deal with Challenging Terrain

Variable topography — hills, valleys, draws, mag rock, and bluffs — can make...

Valley Irrigation
The Valley Gearbox is the Best in the Industry. Period.

Since 1974, Valley® has manufactured our industry-best gearbox in the USA....

Valley Irrigation
Pivots in Paraguay Lead to Increased Yields

The partnership of Vanilto Machado Mariani and Edison Hideo Miyazaki is an...

Valley Irrigation
More than “Guests”: The Contributions of Women in Agriculture

Michele De Waal didn’t choose the ag life. The ag life chose her.

Valley Irrigation
Center Pivot Troubleshooting: PolySpan Saves Growers Money

In some areas, growers are battling declining water quality. In other areas,...

Valley Irrigation
Remote Irrigation Monitoring: Precision Ag Tech Brought to Your Back Forty

Being a grower is hard work – making your farm an “AgSense® Farm” helps...

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