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Preston Parmley
Expanding Your Irrigated Acres with Valley Corner Systems

As we begin 2019, we look forward to what the new year will bring, such as...

Preston Parmley
Using Drones for Agricultural Irrigation

In the past five years, drones have truly “taken off,” no pun intended. From...

Preston Parmley
Center Pivots on the Other Side of the World

Less than a year ago, if you had asked me to think of a “textbook” picture...

Preston Parmley
Follow These Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Center Pivot

As the growing season draws to a close and your combine finishes its last...

Preston Parmley
Extend the Life of Your Center Pivot with Valley PolySpan

With the growing season coming to a close, it's that time of year again...

Preston Parmley
A Retrospective: How Irrigation Monitoring Systems Can Help Your Farm

“Windshield time.” A haunting two-word phrase for any business, operation or...

Preston Parmley
The Value of Genuine Valley Center Pivot Irrigation Parts

As a grower in today’s markets, you want to be sure that every dollar spent...

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