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Kelly Downing
Rice Farming: Three Irrigation Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Crop

Rice is a critical food crop, representing the third-most acres planted...

Kelly Downing
Beat the Weather with Irrigation Drought Solutions

In March, many farmers (at least those of us here in the North) are planning...

Kelly Downing
How Harvest Gives You A Time To Reflect On Soil Moisture Monitoring

I love, really love, winter. I like snow, I appreciate what the winter...

Kelly Downing
Smart Irrigation - Not Just in July

Hi everyone. It has been quite some time since the lovely lady who organizes...

Kelly Downing
Still the Best Value - the Valley Difference

Here are the top five reasons Valley® continues to be the best value.

Kelly Downing
Crop Insurance Approved for Pivot-Irrigated Rice

It has taken a lot of time and work (mostly by other people), but last week...

Kelly Downing
It’s Time for Spring!

I must be getting old. I find myself whining about what a long, cold winter...

Kelly Downing
Happy Earth Day: Environmental Benefits of Pivot Rice

As I sit in the office and watch the snow fall outside in the middle of...

Kelly Downing
Agriculture in Autumn and International Intrigue

Ah, fall. This is my favorite season. The weather cools down, the humidity...

Kelly Downing
Big Iron (and a little rice)

Last week I was in Fargo, ND, for the Big Iron Farm Show. It was a very...

Kelly Downing
Smart Irrigation Month

July has been Smart Irrigation Month. I don’t know about you, but I...

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