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John Kastl
Valley Introduces New Revolution Airless Tires

Are you tired of dealing with flat tires? Do you hate the cost, downtime and...

John Kastl
The Valley Gearbox. Built Strong. Built to Last.

I’m sometimes asked why Valley® builds its own gearbox. Often the question...

John Kastl
Valley Single Frequency GPS, a Reliable and Durable Guidance System

I get a lot of questions from growers with corner machines about the new...

John Kastl
New options for the Valley VFlex Corner
This spring, we introduced a number of new options for the Valley® VFlex™...
John Kastl
PolySpan…What Is It and Why Is It Better?

Over the years, we've fielded many questions about Valley® PolySpan®, but...

John Kastl
Thinking Outside the Circle, Part 1

Many growers today are asking how they can become more efficient within...

John Kastl
Stuck Pivots, Flats, Ruts….Help!

I get a lot of questions from growers about what they can do minimize wheel...

John Kastl
Valley Irrigation Around the World

I recently returned from a product tour of New Zealand and Australia. It...

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