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Jerry Gerdes
Today’s Irrigation Sprinklers Reflect Decades of Fine-Tuning

Sprinkler design has improved significantly since the early days of center...

Jerry Gerdes
The Evolution of Uniform Corner Irrigation

As you fly across the country (or anywhere in the world) and see the perfect...

Jerry Gerdes
8 Tips to Accurately Check Your Center Pivot Sprinklers

Water application is at the heart of what you do. In order to do this as...

Jerry Gerdes
Why It's Worth It to Upgrade Your Sprinkler Packages

Today's growers understand the advantages of scheduling irrigation to...

Jerry Gerdes
3 Rules of Thumb to Remember When Inspecting Your Irrigation Sprinkler Package

With a new irrigation season just around the corner, now is a good time to...

Jerry Gerdes
How to Pick Your Sprinkler Package

Deciding on the correct water application solution is vital to your center...

Jerry Gerdes
What is a Boomback?

The term boomback doesn’t seem like it would be related to center pivot...

Jerry Gerdes
A New Way to Match Drop Hose Length to Crop Height

It’s been almost 40 years since drop components were developed as an option...

Jerry Gerdes
Commitment to Excellence – Certified Irrigation Designer

Well, the winter season is almost over. Valley® sales people have been busy...

Jerry Gerdes
Everything is Big in Texas, Including the Irrigation Show

When attending the Irrigation Association Irrigation Show & Education...

Jerry Gerdes
It's Time to Evaluate Your Sprinkler Package

For most farmers, the irrigation season has ended and harvest is in full...

Jerry Gerdes
Irrigating with End Guns

We are midway through the summer, and as I drive through the country, I see...

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