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Ashley Anderson
The Irrigation Leader Listens to You: A Short History of Valley 365

This is first in a series about Valley 365 and the Valley technology road...

Ashley Anderson
Early Reviews Are In: Valley 365 is Advanced Yet User-Friendly

If you’re familiar with Rotten Tomatoes, you know it’s a website that...

Ashley Anderson
Make a Resolution to Work Smarter, Not Harder

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of...

Ashley Anderson
A Mobile App For Irrigators Who Don’t Use Mobile Apps Yet (Try It, You’ll Like It!)

No, it’s not a new fitness app brought to you by Valley to track how fast...

Ashley Anderson
3 Time-Saving Control Technology and Irrigation Monitoring Products

Time is one resource we can’t control – there never seems to be enough of...

Ashley Anderson
Harvest and Center Pivot Wrap-up: Reflect on 2017, Get Ready for 2018

The weeks after harvest offer a window of opportunity to reflect on the past...

Ashley Anderson
New in Irrigation Control: The Free Irrigation Management Tool You Need

Blake Reid is a long-time family farmer and today works for Reid Brothers...

Ashley Anderson
Why You Should Get Irrigation Monitoring on Your Farm This Season

The growing season is upon us, and of course, there are a large number of...

Ashley Anderson
3 Tools You Need to Manage Your Farm Effectively

As with many industries, technology has advanced the farming industry...

Ashley Anderson
10 Unique BaseStation3 Features for Center Pivot Irrigation Monitoring

BaseStation3™ from Valley® is an industry-leading, remote management...

Ashley Anderson
5 Ways to Connect Your Farm for Irrigation Monitoring

You have a smartphone, a smart car, and smart devices throughout your home,...

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