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Andy Oerman
Drip Irrigation vs. Center Pivots: Separating Fact From Fiction: Part 1

Over time, two different types of irrigation have been recognized as...

Andy Oerman
Irrigation Smart Panels: ICONs in Brazil

Brothers Cristian and Martin Braun have grown soybeans, corn and beans since...

Andy Oerman
Irrigating Nostalgia (A Nebraska Native Remembers Valley Irrigation)

"Time moves in one direction, memory in another."William Gibson

Andy Oerman
Peak Potatoes (Center Pivot Irrigation on Hills)

Editor: This story originally ran in the July 2018 issue of Potato Grower...

Andy Oerman
Valley Irrigation: Long-Lasting Pivots, Long-Lasting Dealers

When discussing his long career with Mike Ames, one thing comes through loud...

Andy Oerman
Top 5 Reasons Valley is the Best Value in Irrigation

Since 1954, Valley® Irrigation has been providing the most reliable...

Andy Oerman
Step 1 Before Purchasing Irrigation Products (Do Research!)

The Academy Awards were just given out, and love them or hate them, they get...

Andy Oerman
North Carolina Farmer Wins Irrigation Technology and Getaway from Valley

Valley® Irrigation is pleased to announce that Sam Walton (no, not that Sam...

Andy Oerman
Flood Irrigation vs. Center Pivot Irrigation

There are many different ways to irrigate crops. One of the oldest methods –...

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