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Written by Steve Sveum |

AgSense® was established in 2003 by a couple of irrigating farmers looking for a better way of irrigation monitoring. Within a couple of years, AgSense created the WagNet (Wireless Ag Network) for farmers to remotely monitor and control their irrigation pivots. The relatively short time from conception to market was primarily due to fact these guys really knew what they wanted. Since they were farmers, they instinctively had “The Power of Knowing.”

Being farmers and engineers, they were already busy more than full time, so they sought out a managing partner who had a farm background to commercialize the business, and most importantly, focus on what growers were asking for (reliability, simplicity and affordability). Enter Terry Schiltz – a local farm boy who had been out on his own for about 15 years of ag business and telecommunications experience. Terry will tell you the reason AgSense continues to lead the industry today is empathy. “Almost everyone that works at AgSense has some grown up on a farm or has close ties to the farm,” he says. “We really understand the challenges our customers face, and we focus on trying to improve their lives.”

find yourself in a field blog post - image 2AgSense gives growers total control of their irrigation management, anytime, anywhere.

Terry hired me in 2010, and from there we began building our outside sales and support team. It has since grown from just the two of us to five Regional Managers and two Field Support Engineers.

We’re proud of this team, which is one of the best in the industry. They each bring their own unique skills to the company, but the most important thing all seven have in common – they’ve all “been there, done that” when it comes to farming with irrigation.

  • All seven were raised on farms.
  • Six of those seven farms used irrigation.
  • Four of those seven farms are still run by the family. It’s where they often spend their weekends and vacations, doing what our customers do every day.

mcclure blog - 6292017 - image 1With AgSense, growers can monitor the weather, the moisture percentage of the soil, water pressure, and tank levels, and tie the data all together with historical reports.

More than half of the staff at our main office in Huron, SD, are also farm raised, and a few are even partners in their own family farms. This strong connection to the industry we serve has been – and will continue to be – critical to our success. We are all very passionate about our company and products, in large part because we understand the value they provide our customers, both on the farm and in their personal lives.

When you’re talking to one of us, you’re talking to one of you. Contact a local dealer today to learn more about AgSense.

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