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Ag Brands: How to Market on the Web

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With the wealth of agriculture brands in the industry, it becomes more and more important to embrace tech and make yourself stand out. After all, apps, mobile technology and the trappings that come with them are part of day-to-day life for farms and agribusinesses.

Keep the following in mind when striking out as an individual among the masses of agriculture brands on the web.

Get Social

Whether it’s the classic Facebook and Twitter, or the more millennial-skewing Instagram or Snapchat, agriculture brands aren’t making the most of utilizing social media as much as their counterparts in other industries. Business-to-business companies were polled by Brandwatch to determine how much share of the social media conversation their brands had. Agriculture as an industry ranked fairly low, only commanding six percent of the conversation, while software companies and aerospace companies drew nearly 70 percent between the two of them. Plot out your social media plan comprehensively and smartly – provide information that resonates with your customers and makes their lives (and operations) smoother.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Don’t forget – every industry has a jargon. Might as well embrace it in your web marketing. Agriculture brands need to capitalize on the changing vernacular of their customers by eliminating keywords that previously encompassed all consumers (like “farmers”) and broaden to more modern interpretations (like “agronomists” or “growers”). Know your demographics – the language you choose could make or break on online message if it turns off the wrong subset of your base.

Amp Up Customer Service

Your website is often the first impression a customer gets, so agriculture brands need to see the value in putting a good foot forward through enhancements to their online presence. You can no longer just get by with a phone line when it comes to customer service – at-the-ready chat and electronic communication is becoming the norm across all industries. Companies big and small are building infrastructure to allow for chat (or relying on the expertise of other vendors to build it out of the box). After all, live chat is the most effective service tool – Zendesk estimates satisfaction is 92 percent to phone’s and email’s 88 and 85 percent, respectively.

Help Them Visualize

You can talk about your products and services for hours (and paragraphs) on end, but if your online presence doesn’t show off what they can do, your customers might have trouble visualizing it. Agriculture brands should embrace video and imagery online (and across social media platforms) by showing off footage of their best and brightest products. YouTube and Instagram have huge followings – don’t miss out on that opportunity. Marketing company HubSpot found that 64 percent of product-driven YouTube video views lead to purchases. Grab a camera (or smartphone) and get some action footage on your website and social presences ASAP.

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