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“A One-Stop Shop”: The AgSense Farm

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Written by Merritt McDougall |

“Knowledge is power” is a common saying, and it’s just as true on the farm.

“If growers know what’s happening in the field, they can make the best decisions,” says Technical Sales Manager Merritt McDougall. “AgSense® smart irrigation solutions from Valley® connect the entire farm by giving growers a combination of control and monitoring of a wide variety of on-farm infrastructure. They offer the power of knowing, and growers can check them from the comfort of home.”

Working Together

No two farms are exactly the same, and AgSense solutions are customizable. A corn and soybean operation in Nebraska will have a different array of connected infrastructure than orchards in Washington state. Here are a few examples:

Row crops in eastern Nebraska

· Remotely manage center pivots with Commander VP®

· Remotely control pumps with Crop Link®

· Measure soil moisture with Aqua Trac

· Get comprehensive, real-time weather data with Valley Weather Station

· Monitor grain bin temperature via Grain Trac

Grain BinAgSense solutions are completely customizable for your operation.

Orchards in western Washington

· Remotely manage center pivots with Valley ICON® Link

· Monitor drastic changes in river level that could threaten the pump with a water depth sensor via Crop Link

· Schedule irrigation with data collected from Aqua Trac-connected soil moisture probes

· Measure canopy temperature to prevent frost damage with irrigation using Crop Link

Jay Younger, Farm Manager of Alturas Ranches in northern California, uses several devices that illustrate how AgSense solutions work together. He manages 15,000 acres of alfalfa, wild rice and wheat, and the ranch’s Crop Link Pro helps him monitor a pond and comply with California’s strict water regulations while pumping.

He manages the 3,000 acres of the ranch under Valley pivots with CommanderVP and Field Commander®. “AgSense solutions give you an overview of a remote location. I can pull it up right now and check application rates, start a pivot or stop it, whatever I need.”

AgSense solutions work seamlessly, McDougall says. “A grower can be confident that with an AgSense farm, logging in will tell the entire story, with one username, one password, and one app. AgSense is a one-stop shop for irrigation management.”

AgSense-Farm-Illus_091018AgSense makes remote management of your farm simple and intuitive, from anywhere and at any time.

NEW! – ICON Link Licensing

Valley offers one-, three-, five- and 10-year licensing plans for ICON Link devices, enabling users to access AgSense cloud-based irrigation management software and stay up to date with the latest advanced features, plus:

· A connectivity guarantee for three, five and 10 years, so changes in cellular technology and service providers do not affect performance over the length of the license

· Monitor and control irrigation machines from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer

· Integrate pumps and gensets

· Year-round cable theft detection and alerts

· Real-time notifications

· Comprehensive reports

To take advantage of these remote irrigation solutions in your operation, contact your local Valley dealer today.

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