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6 Precision Irrigation Things You Didn’t Know Twitter Can Teach You

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The internet is full of interesting information; some is factual, some is false. But, the fact that this wealth of information is available to all of us is a very exciting notion!

Since the early 2000s, social media has been a huge part in increasing the amount of information available to us through the World Wide Web. One such platform that offers a ton of informational tidbits (or, nuggets, as I may refer to them throughout this post) is Twitter.

Yes, Twitter is known for its ability to make celebrities seem like they don’t have a real life, or its reputation to get well-known people into a lot of trouble, or even its reputation for sharing the craziest memes (#poptartCat). However, did you know that it’s also a goldmine for precision irrigation nuggets? Check out our top six things on precision irrigation that you can learn on Twitter.

1. Irrigation Tips

tip tuesday tweet - valley irrigation

Did you know that Valley® Irrigation posts a new irrigation tip each Tuesday? Yes, you’re reading correctly! In this age of technology and perceived complexity, the least we can do is provide you with quick tips on how to use new products and technology, as well as how to get the most out of your center pivot management tools. Check out @ValleyPivots every Tuesday for a new tip.

2. Job Postings

valmont careers twitter feed

Have you been hankering to work for a center pivot or precision irrigation company, but just don't know where to start? Believe it or not, Twitter is a great place to search for and find job openings - even for ag positions! Two feeds - @ValmontCareers and @AgCareers - are excellent places to start your job search.

3. Charitable Organizations

planet water foundation twitter feed

Photo courtesy of Planet Water Foundation -

Twitter is full of feeds dedicated to philanthropy. One such feed - @PlanetWaterLive - shares inspirational stories about their impressive water cleansing systems. Planet Water is all about enlisting the help of organizations (and Valmont® is proud to be on their list of sponsors) to bring clean drinking water to developing countries, as well as educate the population on the positive impacts of clean water. While this particular feed is not directly related to center pivot precision irrigation, it does prove as a good reminder that not everyone has access to clean drinking water - a resource that does certainly impact sustainability and efficient use of available resources.

4. Growing Season/Harvest Updates


Many producers are using Twitter as their go-to platform to share what's going on in their field - kind of like a new type of "show and tell." Some growers want to share legitimate updates during growing season - like unexpected rainfall, weeds, insects, etc. - while others just want to share the beauty that their fields behold.

5. Amazing Photography

linear photo - team irrigation

Photo courtesy of TEAM Irrigation -

And that is a perfect segue! Did you know that you can find some amazing photography on Twitter? And not just bad selfies (though, they are out there...) - great beauty shots of precision irrigation equipment can be found all over Twitter. Look to @ValleyPivots or any of our dealer and customer Twitter feeds!

6. Find Out What Your Dealer Is Up To

wc irrigation twitter feed

Photo courtesy of WC Irrigation -

Many businesses now have a strong presence on Twitter, and our Valley dealerships are no exception. Check out what your local dealer is up to by using his or her Twitter feed - follow it today! Not sure if your dealer is on Twitter? Go ahead - ask him!

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