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5 Reasons Your Farm May Not Be Ready for Next Growing Season

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Wait a minute…didn’t we just finish THIS growing season? Why are we already talking about NEXT growing season? Unlike season seven of Game of Thrones, next growing season will be here before we know it…so there’s no time like the present to start planning!

But, are YOU ready for next growing season? Maybe. But maybe not. Here are five reasons we know you’re not ready for it and what you can do to prepare.

1. It’s October and your center pivot hasn’t been drained.


Is your center pivot sitting in the exact same spot as it was the last time you irrigated? If so, it’s time to give your local dealer a call and schedule an appointment to come out to your farm to drain the excess water from your pivot. If the water isn’t drained before the first hard freeze, you risk developing ice in your pivot pipe, and what typically happens when your pipes freeze at home? That’s right – they burst. Let’s not go there with your center pivot.

2. Your wife is due with your first child in March, and you haven’t yet installed telemetry on your pivots for irrigation monitoring.

pregnant wife

When people tell you that your life will change dramatically when you become a parent, they aren’t kidding around. The more that you can do now to prepare for parenthood, the better off you’ll be (take it from a first-time parent of a toddler!). Take advantage of this calm before the storm by installing remote control and irrigation monitoring (AKA telemetry) technology on your pivots; it will allow you to fully manage your irrigation from literally anywhere (nursery, grocery store, Babies R Us, etc.). Valley® offers both BaseStation3™ and AgSense® technology to provide you with the right fit for your operation.

3. That patch of non-irrigated ground is really starting to bug you.

bender160 for pivots

Sometimes, there is nothing worse than seeing row upon row of green…then spotting a dry dirt spot outside the irrigated area (#ewGross). You can actually get rid of this annoyance in your life (which is really unnecessary stress) by considering an option to increase your irrigated area. A corner, Bender or DropSpan can fix this problem for you; and, now is the time to consider one for next growing season. Don’t go another growing season with that annoying patch of dirt.

4. You’re tired of filling your tires in the peak of summer, but you haven’t done anything to stop this trend.

checking pivot tires

Chances are, you have spent some time in your field during the peak of summer filling a low tire. Though tire maintenance is a standard among any vehicle or machines with tires, it can be a drag (and frustrating). If you haven’t already done so, check out the latest tire from us – the Revolution™ Airless Tire. Not only will the Revolution provide your center pivot irrigation equipment with longer tire life, but also will it free up your time to spend on more important things.

5. You haven’t talked with your local irrigation dealer since March.

farm irrigation dealer

We know you’ve been busy. But, your local irrigation dealer misses you! Give him a call this fall, and ask him to come out to give your center pivot a good checkup before winter sets in. Chances are, your dealer also has some amazing fall preventative maintenance programs he’s running, so you had better take advantage before they end! Save some money, have a good chat and get your pivot ready for spring.


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