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5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Pivot Irrigation in 2017

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You’ve heard it before – technology is taking the agriculture industry by storm, and it’s changing the way farmers manage their operations. And while we want you to make the most out of your pivot irrigation, there are many reasons why this topic is so important for us to keep putting it in front of you.

A new year is almost upon us, and while we know you’re busy holiday shopping and planning family get togethers, here are our top five reasons why you need to upgrade your farm and pivot irrigation in 2017.

1. Use Your Available Water More Efficiently.

center pivot irrigating rice

As you know, there is a limited amount of freshwater resources available on this earth, and 69% of it is dedicated to agriculture ( That being said, this precious commodity needs to be strategically used in the most efficient of ways. Though the invention of pivot irrigation literally changed the face of the earth, and began to help farmers use water more effectively efficiently to water their crops, modern irrigation technology has taken irrigation efficiencies to the next level. Technological advancements like variable rate irrigation (VRI), GPS guidance and even the latest of pivot irrigation control panels allow you to put your water where it is needed, when it is needed. The visibility into how you use each drop of water allows you to make smarter decisions and ultimately only give your crops the water they need. Remember: too much water can be just as detrimental to your yield as not enough.

2. Take Back Your Life With Irrigation Monitoring.

take back your life

Innovations like the Valley® BaseStation3™ and AgSense® allow you to literally manage your pivots from anywhere: your kitchen, a basketball game…really anywhere you can think of. By upgrading to an irrigation monitoring solution, you can get away from field and back to the things you want to be doing. Never miss another kid’s activity or anniversary dinner with this handy upgrade to your farm.

3. Save Time, Save Money.

remote management for center pivot irrigation

Dad always said, “Time is money.” And he wasn’t wrong. Without modern irrigation technology, you are probably finding yourself spending more time than you like checking on your pivot to make sure it’s turning on and off at the right times…and not spraying onto the road. Remote irrigation management solutions will save you time, and thus money, by providing you with a means to check on your irrigation operation and fully manage it from wherever you are. With this upgrade, you will no longer have to spend precious time driving out to the pivot point, or even to your field, to get your pulse on how your machines are doing and if they’re doing what they are supposed to when they are supposed to.

4. Set Up Your Farm for Future Upgrades and Technological Advancements.

upgrading technology on farm

Just like with your computer’s operating system, or your 15-year-old sedan, there comes a time when your currently-owned technology just can’t handle the latest upgrades without replacing the entire system. Though you won’t need to replace your entire center pivot to utilize modern ag advancements like remote irrigation management and VRI, you should consider upgrading to these types of technologies now in order to take advantage of newer technology that will be coming down the pipeline over the next five to ten years. As with any new technology, it aims to make your life and your job easier, allowing you to make the most out of life.

5. Invest In Your Legacy.


Whether they are your kids, grandkids, cousins, or a neighbor, don’t forget about those who will manage your farm after you. If you can’t imagine using irrigation monitoring, VRI, GPS guidance, or other modern irrigation technologies on your farm today, take solace in the fact that your legacy will. What better gift to give your successors than that of modern technology that they will know how to use without a second thought; they will surely thank you and remember you for it.

If you’re ready to take a break from holiday preparations and upgrade your irrigation operation, contact your local Valley dealer.

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