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4 Ag Services That Set Valley Apart

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Written by Nic Carlson |

In our day and age, with new technology being released daily, it’s easy to overlook the core ag services that Valley® Irrigation has been offering for years. Valley dealers are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to help keep your center pivot in top condition. Below are four services that you can depend on your Valley dealer to provide.

170501_1967_service-tech.jpgFactory Trained & Tested Service Technicians

When you purchase a center pivot from an irrigation dealer, you aren’t just buying the machine, you’re putting your trust in the dealer to take care of you and your pivot after the purchase is made. This is where Valley dealers truly separate themselves from the pack. Valley dealers and their employees are trained and tested on each specific product to ensure consistent service quality. Dealers travel to Valley, Neb., or meet at a common location to work directly with Valley factory-certified technicians to ensure everyone is properly trained to inspect and maintain your machine. The partnership between Valley and our dealers is what sets Valley apart from other pivot brands.

170501_2499_ICONX.jpgPivot Panel Upgrades

What if I told you that Valley dealers are able to upgrade a 25-year-old machine with up-to-date technology for significantly less than the amount of a new panel? It’s true. Valley Irrigation has been strategically using a modular design pivot panel dating back to the early 90s. This allows you to upgrade an existing computerized panel with a new Valley ICON® smart panel by easily changing out the module/display screen and other miscellaneous components.

If you have a mechanical panel, Valley has created the Valley ICONX smart panel just for you. The Valley ICONX attaches to your existing control panel, no matter the brand, using the panel’s circuits to deliver complete Valley ICON touch control. 

TL85_conversion-2.jpgCompetitor Conversions

For many years, Valley Irrigation has been converting hydraulically-driven machines by other brands to Valley electrical controls. Today, many growers look for ways to reduce the cost of irrigating. If you own a hydraulically-driven irrigation machine and are concerned with the added expense of hydraulic oil, along with the continual trips to the field, then this may be an option for you. I would highly encourage you to speak with your local Valley dealer for more details about this option. 

150309_5977.jpgValley Distribution Centers

Valley part distribution centers are vital to the success of Valley dealers and are a real advantage for growers. Currently, Valley Irrigation has strategically placed four distribution centers near major irrigation markets in the United States – Lubbock, TX, American Falls, ID, Tifton, Ga., and McCook, Neb. This key advantage enables our dealers to get quick delivery on products their growers need. Not only does this reduce lead times, but this also reduces freight costs when a storm rolls through. Each distribution center keeps an inventory that is customized to the type of machines that are being used in proximity to its location.

If you are in the market for a new center pivot or looking to upgrade your current machines, take the time to consider factors beyond the galvanized steel and be sure you are working with a company that checks all of the boxes. Talk to your Valley dealer today about the core services that set Valley above other pivot brands. 

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