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3 OTHER Farm Blogs You Should Be Following

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If you’re following this blog, I’m assuming you like to read blogs. While this may just be a really great assumption (seriously – really great, because blogs are amazing), you may be in the market for some new reading material.

3-Other-Ag-Blogs.jpgI follow a lot of blogs, and blogging is a huge passion of mine. Blogs are an incredible art form that not only provide you with the information you seek and need, but also get right to the point and bring to life a certain kind of rawness. For these reasons – if nothing else – are why you should check out these three farming blogs to enhance your blog library.

Kellie for Ag

Though I do have an affinity for her first name (we Kellys/Kellies/Kelleys/etc. got to stick together!), Kellie’s blog richly documents her experience as a dairy farmer. But, she’s not just a dairy farmer – she’s a board member for the Iowa Women in Agriculture and a member of the Iowa Agri Women and American Agri Women. To leave you with a quote from Kellie herself: “I’m farm strong and am loving my life as a woman in agriculture!” Give her blog a read today:

Pink Tractor

I even love the name of this blog – Pink is my second favorite color…anywho, this blog is known for aggregating the stories of women in agriculture (another thing dear to my heart). However, this blog isn’t just about the next cool thing you can do with a mason jar; it’s also about sharing and bringing to life the hardiness and thoughtfulness women in ag face every day. Some stories are tear-jerking – others make you laugh out loud and just think. Check it out for yourself at

Bee Haven Acres

This is a newer blog that I follow, and I love it because it tells stories through photos. People sometimes forget that one can tell a story without using many – if any – words. In this world of connectivity and time-sucking stuff, having a go-to blog where I can get a good story and a good laugh in a manner of seconds, versus minutes, is a very nice thing. Get to know the clan behind Bee Haven Acres today:

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