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3 Irrigation Management Features for When You Boot Up Your Valley ICON Panel for the First Time

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Written by John Campbell |

As I was getting ready to leave the house the other day, my phone pinged me with a text message from my brother-in-law that read, “The ICON has a heartbeat!!” His new Valley® center pivot had been delivered and installed, complete with an ICON10 smart panel. Although he has been a Valley loyalist for many years, he was hesitant to move away from the Pro and Pro2 panels he knew and liked. But there was no reason for him to be nervous. The Valley ICON® line of smart panels for center pivot irrigation management is the most intuitive on the market.

With planting season underway and irrigation season right around the corner, I suggested to my brother-in-law that he test out his new panel and explore the features it offers. If you are comfortable using a smartphone, these new panels will come very easy to you.

Here are some great irrigation management features to check out on your new Valley ICON panel.

Sector Programs

Do you have two crops in one field? Or, another reason why you would want to only water a specific section of your field? Sector programs are the answer. By writing a simple, or complex, sector program, you can define the sector, like a pie slice of your field, then tell the machine what to do in that sector. Watch this short quick tip video on how simple it is to write a sector program using an ICON5 smart panel.


Daily Operations/Load Control

This handy feature that is standard with every ICON panel is easy to program and enables you to set days and times for your machine to automatically start and stop. Using daily operations, you can take advantage of lower power rates during off-peak periods, or even avoid penalties in areas that have restrictions on operating during high-use times. Watch this quick tip video to see how simple it is to set your daily operation times with an ICON10 smart panel.


Cruise Control

This innovative and Valley patented feature allows you to set a period of time for your center pivot to travel a specified number of degrees. Do you want your machine to make a full circle 74 hours? Cruise Control™ is your answer; it will keep track of actual distance traveled and compare it to the calculated distance traveled, then make slight adjustments to the speed.

How accurate is Cruise Control? One customer said it was within 15 minutes, in a 5-day pass. Check out this quick tip video that shows you how to set up cruise control an ICON10 panel in under a minute!

You can find these and many other valuable irrigation management features packed into every Valley ICON smart panel.

Visit or contact your local Valley dealer today to learn more about the entire line of ICON smart panels from Valley.

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