10 Ways Valley Pivots and Linears are Best for Irrigating Tree Crops

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Growing any crop takes planning, but tree crops, especially, are a long-term investment. Whether you raise citrus, fruit, olives, coffee or nuts, you’ve devoted time and money to planning, growing, nurturing and harvesting your tall crop. So you want to earn the largest possible return on that investment.

Here are 10 ways pivots and linears can help you do just that.

1. Minimize disease and maximize growth

A Valley® center pivot or linear applies the right amount of water exactly where you want it: over canopy or below canopy.

2. Lower your costs

The per- acre/hectare cost of irrigating with Valley pivots and linears is significantly lower than other irrigation methods, including drip, micro-spray and overhead sprinkler.

Plus, with remote management technology, one person can operate multiple irrigation machines, saving both time and labor costs.

3. Earn money before your tall crops are ready to produce

Pivot irrigation offers early ROI. You can plant seasonal crops (such as onions or potatoes) between the tree rows during early stages of tree growth to achieve ROI prior to production.

orchard_in_postValley can custom-design your tall crop irrigation project with pivot spans that offer standard, high or ultra-high crop clearances.

4. Cool the canopy on hot days

With an above-canopy sprinkler package, water can be applied to the leaf canopy. Cooling the canopy is an important determinant of transpiration, which leads to more robust plant growth.

5. Apply fertigation through the machine

With pivots and linears, growers can apply fertilizer as they irrigate. Applying crop nutrient products in this manner works very well because of the equipment’s high rate of application uniformity and efficiency.

6. Promote a healthy root zone

By utilizing hose drops, water is brought from the overhead span and supplied directly to the root zone. This method ensures high efficiency and uniformity of water application, which promotes a healthier root zone.

7. Rinse the tree canopy

With an above-canopy sprinkler package, growers can also rinse dust and pollutants from the canopy to aid absorption of nutrients.

orchard_in_post2Discover why more growers around the world choose Valley Irrigation equipment to assure high yields and increased profitability from their trees and other tall crops, season after season.

8. Don’t get blown away

For areas with varying wind conditions, we offer medium- or low-pressure sprinklers to maximize application efficiency.

9. Save your soil

If you have differing soil types, we offer many sprinkler and pressure regulator model options to meet your needs.

10. An Option to combat corrosion

For areas that have corrosive water, there’s PolySpan®, polyethylene liner installed inside your span pipe, which protects against the effects of acidic, alkaline, corrosive and saline water.

Where other types of irrigation offer compromises, Valley machines offer efficient solutions that succeed where other methods can’t. Contact your local dealer to find out more about irrigating your orchards and other tall crops with center pivots and linears.

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