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Ashley Anderson
The Irrigation Leader Listens to You: A Short History of Valley 365

This is first in a series about Valley 365 and the Valley technology road...

Aavin Figuaredo
Irrigating in the Desert: Water Management on the Arabian Peninsula

Recently, Valmont® Middle East (VME) and our local authorized Valley®...

Tyler Fields
3 Keys to Water Efficiency in Ag: Pivots, Pumps & Sprinklers

Editor’s Note: A slightly different version of this article originally ran...

Ashley Anderson
Early Reviews Are In: Valley 365 is Advanced Yet User-Friendly

If you’re familiar with Rotten Tomatoes, you know it’s a website that...

Valley Irrigation
4 Ways the Valley X-Tec High-Speed Pivot Motor Helps Cotton Growers

São José Farm in Mato Grosso, Brazil, is an impressive cotton plantation...

Andy Oerman
100% Turnkey Valley Farm: Elite Irrigation Design (Part 2)

In our last blog, we told you about Oklahoma grower Wayne Carter and his...

Andy Oerman
100% Turnkey Valley Farm: Elite Sod Requires Elite Irrigation Design

Wayne Carter owns and operates Elite Sod in Bryan County in southern...

Andy Oerman
Center Pivots over Peanuts (In a Nutshell, They Make a Big Difference)

Casey Cox is a sixth-generation farmer whose family has been farming the...

Valley Irrigation
10 Ways Valley Pivots and Linears are Best for Irrigating Tree Crops

Growing any crop takes planning, but tree crops, especially, are a long-term...

Tanner Oliphant
Precision Ag Spotlight: Let’s Start Looking at the Water!

More growers are using software to manage data collected from the field,...

Andy Oerman
Pivots, Puppets & Peanuts: Georgia grower highlights farming on Sesame Street

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of blog posts highlighting...

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