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Andy Oerman
Andy Oerman
A Long and Winding Road: Irrigation Innovator Looks Back on His Career at Valley

Jake LaRue has traveled the world to consult on all aspects of irrigation,...

Andy Oerman
Making Hay: ICONX Smart Irrigation Control Panel Helps Canadian Grower

Like most growers around the world, Cale Hubka has a lot on his plate.

Merritt McDougall
“A One-Stop Shop”: The AgSense Farm

“Knowledge is power” is a common saying, and it’s just as true on the farm.

Andy Oerman
Irrigation Technology: Young Farmers Embrace Benefits of Valley Scheduling

Alex and Kevin Hawman are young, but they can remember a time before...

Trevor Mecham
The Past, Present and Future of Precision Agriculture

When I first started in precision agriculture, it seemed so complex:...

Preston Parmley
Expanding Your Irrigated Acres with Valley Corner Systems

As we begin 2019, we look forward to what the new year will bring, such as...

Andy Oerman
Extend Your Center Pivot’s Life: Conversions Cost Less, Offer Highest Value

Jason Meyer had an old Gifford Hill pivot that was giving him trouble on his...

Andy Oerman
The Big Dry: Fighting Drought with Pivot Irrigation

Recent drought in Australia, especially Queensland and New South Wales...

Valley Irrigation
Remote Irrigation Management, Copper Theft Protection

Sometimes as the weather gets colder, thieves get bolder. Copper theft is an...

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