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Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Farm During a Zombie Apocalypse

30 October 2017 by Kelly Cox

It's All Hallow's Eve, so what better time to share with you our favorite, and most effective, ways to protect your farm against a zombie apocalypse.

TEAM Irrigation On Converting To A Valley Dealership

23 October 2017 by Valmont Irrigation Australia

Craig Chandler and Bob Johnson co-own TEAM Irrigation, based in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. Established in 2003 as a competitor dealership, Craig and Bob spent over a decade establishing TEAM Irrigation’s credibility as a fantastic service provider to their customers. In 2015, Craig and Bob decided that it was time to make a major change for their business – they decided to convert their competitor dealership to a Valley dealership.

Is Irrigation Monitoring the Right Way to Connect Your Farm?

16 August 2017 by Tanner Landstrom

These days, the number of unknowns in our everyday lives is very small and is only getting smaller. As members of the Information Age, we have the benefit of knowing practically whatever we want, whenever we want. We can easily find answers and access information from anywhere by utilising a small tool we all carry around – our cell phones.

Top 5 Irrigation Management Features in BaseStation3™

13 August 2017 by Ashley Anderson

There are a number of tools you need to keep your centre pivot irrigation system operating properly. Sometimes, the most valuable tools are not the ones in your toolbox. Software solutions, like Valley BaseStation3 can be just as valuable of a tool as your favorite pair of pliers.

Update Your Center Pivot Sprinklers to Perform as Good as New

09 August 2017 by Nelson Irrigation

The durability and reliability of a Valley centre pivot irrigation machine has been field-proven and dependable for decades. Perhaps the most underrated advantage of the centre pivot platform is that it can be constantly upgraded and “re-tooled,” making it not only as well as Day 1, but potentially even better!

The Value of Genuine Valley Centre Pivot Irrigation Parts

06 August 2017 by Preston Parmley

As a grower in today’s markets, you want to be sure that every dollar spent is providing the best value. Now, when someone talks about value, what is the first thing that should come to your mind? Here at Valmont Irrigation, when we talk about value, we think about three things: quality, durability and support. Every day, we strive to make sure every component for our legendary centre pivot and lateral machines is held to the highest standards and meets our definition of value, guaranteed. By choosing genuine Valley parts, you can be assured that your investment will benefit your operation both on and off the field.

Rice Production and Modern Irrigation Management Practices

02 August 2017 by Valmont Irrigation Australia

As the demand for water increases across the globe, rice producers are beginning to question traditional irrigation methods, and they face an uncertain future with a limited number of alternatives. The competition for the earth’s most precious resource, along with the world’s ever-growing population, has led to the process of growing rice under centre pivot and lateral irrigation machines.

Of the Many Crop Irrigation Systems, Which Type is Right for You?

30 July 2017 by Community

Before you decide on your irrigation method, you need to fully understand your field’s topography, soils, available water and crop types. When you have a complete understanding of your field’s layout and composition, you’re ready to begin searching for the right method of irrigation.

5 Facts About Your Current Irrigation Sprinklers

26 July 2017 by Andrew Olson

Valmont Irrigation has around 500 Valley dealers globally. With this broad of a distribution network and customer base, it’s obvious that many factors, beyond just crop, soil and climate, affect the ever-so-complex irrigation sprinklers market. With all these options and so many factors, it’s not uncommon to see sprinkler packages that should be reconsidered and possibly upgraded. With that, here are five true facts about your current irrigation sprinklers.

If You're Into Variable Rate Irrigation Management, Read This

24 May 2017 by Craig Bell

Who else remembers the late-night infomercials for the Ronco Rotisserie, or other infomercials selling great products? What was so attractive about them? I’ll tell you: People want a product that will make their lives easier. Growers are no different from those late-night consumers; they want solutions that make their farming lives easier that help them produce a better result.