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If You're Into Variable Rate Irrigation Management, Read This

24 May 2017 by Craig Bell

Who else remembers the late-night infomercials for the Ronco Rotisserie, or other infomercials selling great products? What was so attractive about them? I’ll tell you: People want a product that will make their lives easier. Growers are no different from those late-night consumers; they want solutions that make their farming lives easier that help them produce a better result.

5 Facts About Your Current Irrigation Sprinklers

22 May 2017 by Andrew Olson

Valley has around 500 Valley dealers globally. With this broad of a distribution network and customer base, it’s obvious that many factors, beyond just crop, soil and climate, affect the ever-so-complex irrigation sprinklers market. With all these options and so many factors, it’s not uncommon to see sprinkler packages that should be reconsidered and possibly upgraded. With that, here are five true facts about your current irrigation sprinklers.

6 Tips for Converting Your Rice Farming Equipment to Centre Pivot Irrigation

16 May 2017 by Jake LaRue

In a recent, multi-year research project, researchers were able to successfully demonstrate profitability by producing rice under centre pivots and laterals in pockets around the globe. This was accomplished by adjusting rice farming equipment and crop inputs, as well as utilising ag services and irrigation management tools.

Why Continuous Education is the Key to Successful Dealerships

10 May 2017 by Stevie Scates

Our customers benefit from the high standards that Valmont Irrigation holds its Valley dealers to. One way that these standards are enforced is through continuous education. Valmont Irrigation offers educational opportunities to all its dealers – in all career types - throughout any given year. Here are three ways that Valmont continues to educate its dealer network to ensure that our customers are in the best hands possible.

Valmont Irrigation is Committed to Having the Most Connected Machines

07 May 2017 by Matt Ondrejko

At Valmont Irrigation, we think about driving ourselves forward every time we work on software or graphical user interfaces for our irrigation equipment. We think about ways to make the user experience easy, intuitive and simplified.

Ag Brands: How to Market on the Web

03 May 2017 by Epicosity

With the wealth of agriculture brands in the industry, it becomes more and more important to embrace tech and make yourself stand out. After all, apps, mobile technology and the trappings that come with them are part of day-to-day life for farms and agribusinesses.Keep the following in mind when striking out as an individual among the masses of agriculture brands on the web.

The Secret Ingredient That Makes Valley Pivot Control Panels Different

30 April 2017 by Blake Reid

Looking back from an irrigation dealer’s perspective, I see now how much easier managing your pivot irrigation system can be when you utilise the technology that is available. Valmont Irrigation has, for years, had the best control panels on the market. From the Valmonitor, the world’s first remote pivot control panel, to the Pro2, Select2 and TouchPro panels, to the new Valley ICON line of smart panels, Valmont Irrigation has led the way in pivot control panels for centre pivot irrigation.

Do Your Centre Pivot Pipelines Last As Long As They Could?

25 April 2017 by Community

When purchasing a centre pivot, you likely have expectations for the lifespan of your equipment. Some centre pivot pipelines are still dependable after 25 to 30 years of use, which would be ideal. However, some pipelines show leaks after only 7 to 10 years. So, why do some farmers have better luck with centre pivots than others?

3 Irrigation Management Features for When You Boot Up Your Valley ICON Panel for the First Time

23 April 2017 by John Campbell

The Valley ICON line of smart panels for center pivot irrigation management is the most intuitive on the market. Here are some great irrigation management features to check out on your new Valley ICON panel.

5 Life Hacks for Women Getting into Agriculture

18 April 2017 by Kellie Gregorich

Agriculture. It’s traditionally been a “boys’ club,” but many women today are taking the leap and getting into the agriculture industry. Women don’t have to farm or have a farm to become involved. There are so many ways they can begin this journey—but here are just a few tips to get you started.